jueves, 25 de agosto de 2022



A few hours ago I just finished watching the new episode of SheHulk and I really loved it, I love marvel in case you didn't know. Fun fact, I still don't watch End game because it makes me sad and sad, that's why I refuse to watch it but someday I will watch it. By the way, did you guys love the Thor movie? For me it was too funny and I loved Thor.

But well, I'll stop talking about my tastes and let's go straight to today's topic. This time, I bring you a very interesting post and it's about healthy habits that you should apply in your day. But first what is a habit, because they are small actions that we do every day very often that gradually becomes recurrent and becomes a habit.

1- Incorporate a skincare routine. For this you don't need the most expensive products. You can start with a little and then implement more. 

2- Dance for 30 minutes. Move your body friends, put on your playlist and start dancing, you won't regret it. 

3- Sleep 8 hours. Yes it is a too repetitive advice, but we all need to rest our 8 hours to have a calm mind and not to have stress.

4- Disconnect from social networks

Yes I know that social networks are now very entertaining, but they also take up a lot of valuable time. Sure, you can be a while but only for a moment, you should focus your time on something productive.

5- Use dental floss

As a dental student, I recommend you to floss your teeth and if you have never flossed before, what are you waiting for, you will be in for a surprise. Flossing is very necessary before brushing. 

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