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If you are the person who always keeps the house clean I congratulate you because cleaning the house is a difficult and tiring job. But I have always asked what people who always keep their houses clean have in common, well I think they have habits in common, yes, and good habits.

So, I decided to investigate what are the habits of these people, and now that I know, I will write you to see if you agree with any of them. So don't worry, you don't need to have a schedule where every day you clean, but by doing these mini habits you can have a cleaner house.

1- Do not let the clothes pile up

I know that doing laundry is tedious, but if you let it pile up it will be much worse because you will have a lot of clothes to wash and I know you will get stressed. So, form habits of washing clothes in small parts, that way the clothes will not accumulate and will be easier to store and iron.

2- Do not wear shoes at home

This is a habit that I see in many people and it really helps a lot. I say this because the house always gets dirty if we do not clean our shoes well when we enter the house because you know that the street is not very hygienic. Besides, you will avoid that the floor loses its properties and color.

3- Use baskets or organizer boxes

This has become very popular in what is the organization at home and especially in the refrigerator. They are acrylic boxes that make the refrigerator look tidier and you don't see everything piled up. I recommend that you look for these boxes so you can get organized.

4- Don't procrastinate

This is a habit that we should all adopt, even in the smallest things. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. 

5- Plan ahead

Making a list is the best thing you can do. The list can be the typical sheet of paper written in pencil or pen. But if you are more modern and have an ipad, this will be great because you can make your list in good notes.

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