domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2022

noviembre 27, 2022 0


Hi girls, how are you? today I'm very motivated and I felt like publishing a lot of posts that I'm sure you will love. As you know, this blog is for teens but also for everyone who wants to get inspired.

That's why, this time I bring you some ideas of photos that you can take this summer to upload to your stories. Although I think almost no one uploads photos to instagram anymore. 

Very soon I will publish posts every day, and hopefully you will support me with this blog.

noviembre 27, 2022 0



Hi girls, how was today? I tell you that the Merlina series is almost finished, it's really very interesting, I recommend it 100%. By the way, this series is more for teenagers. 

If you watch it I'm sure you will love it. Although there is a plot twist at the end.

Well girls, this time I bring you more than 30 selfie ideas that I know you will love. These ideas will inspire you to upload photos to your social networks like instagram or snapchat.