lunes, 29 de agosto de 2022

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At one time in my life I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and not because I love children, but because I love decorating classrooms and crafts. All my life in my free time I have loved to do crafts, so much so that I thought that there was a career in the university related to crafts. So once I asked my teacher if there was a career related to this and she said no, that crafts are only learned in workshops.

But well, I think I already told you a lot about myself, well, as I was telling you, I wanted to be a teacher. That's why I'm writing this post, because it occurred to me to look for ideas of outfits for teachers. 

The outfits that teachers choose must be comfortable and elegant, besides there are several styles. Because I have seen teachers who dress very colorful and at the same time I have seen teachers who dress more subtle like one or two colors.

I also think that the attire of the teachers has a lot to do with the grade, for example kindergarten and elementary teachers dress more colorful and use very flashy accessories, but high school teachers are more demure but their style is still great. 

jueves, 25 de agosto de 2022

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A few hours ago I just finished watching the new episode of SheHulk and I really loved it, I love marvel in case you didn't know. Fun fact, I still don't watch End game because it makes me sad and sad, that's why I refuse to watch it but someday I will watch it. By the way, did you guys love the Thor movie? For me it was too funny and I loved Thor.

But well, I'll stop talking about my tastes and let's go straight to today's topic. This time, I bring you a very interesting post and it's about healthy habits that you should apply in your day. But first what is a habit, because they are small actions that we do every day very often that gradually becomes recurrent and becomes a habit.

1- Incorporate a skincare routine. For this you don't need the most expensive products. You can start with a little and then implement more. 

2- Dance for 30 minutes. Move your body friends, put on your playlist and start dancing, you won't regret it. 

3- Sleep 8 hours. Yes it is a too repetitive advice, but we all need to rest our 8 hours to have a calm mind and not to have stress.

4- Disconnect from social networks

Yes I know that social networks are now very entertaining, but they also take up a lot of valuable time. Sure, you can be a while but only for a moment, you should focus your time on something productive.

5- Use dental floss

As a dental student, I recommend you to floss your teeth and if you have never flossed before, what are you waiting for, you will be in for a surprise. Flossing is very necessary before brushing. 

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If you are the person who always keeps the house clean I congratulate you because cleaning the house is a difficult and tiring job. But I have always asked what people who always keep their houses clean have in common, well I think they have habits in common, yes, and good habits.

So, I decided to investigate what are the habits of these people, and now that I know, I will write you to see if you agree with any of them. So don't worry, you don't need to have a schedule where every day you clean, but by doing these mini habits you can have a cleaner house.

1- Do not let the clothes pile up

I know that doing laundry is tedious, but if you let it pile up it will be much worse because you will have a lot of clothes to wash and I know you will get stressed. So, form habits of washing clothes in small parts, that way the clothes will not accumulate and will be easier to store and iron.

2- Do not wear shoes at home

This is a habit that I see in many people and it really helps a lot. I say this because the house always gets dirty if we do not clean our shoes well when we enter the house because you know that the street is not very hygienic. Besides, you will avoid that the floor loses its properties and color.

3- Use baskets or organizer boxes

This has become very popular in what is the organization at home and especially in the refrigerator. They are acrylic boxes that make the refrigerator look tidier and you don't see everything piled up. I recommend that you look for these boxes so you can get organized.

4- Don't procrastinate

This is a habit that we should all adopt, even in the smallest things. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. 

5- Plan ahead

Making a list is the best thing you can do. The list can be the typical sheet of paper written in pencil or pen. But if you are more modern and have an ipad, this will be great because you can make your list in good notes.

miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2022

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Believe it or not I am always looking for ways to increase my vibes, because it is necessary to be motivated and happy to have a good and healthy life. That's why I wanted to write this post to let you know how to increase your vibes. I am sure you will find it very useful and helpful. 

- Expressing gratitude

We should be grateful for the simple fact of having one more day of life because that means one more day of opportunities. I recommend you to have a notebook where you write down the things you are grateful for.


If you start meditating it will make you relax and give you more concentration. It also reduces stress and raises your vibration. So experiment and find the way that works best for you.

- Clean up the clutter

Believe it or not, clutter has a very heavy energy and bad vibes. Here's a little secret though, my room is always messy but I always try to clean it up. So, I recommend you clear the clutter and release the things in your life that no longer serve you, lighten the energy and raise the good vibes in your home.

- Use positive words

Words also manifest your reality, so avoid negative words and comments. Therefore, I recommend that you look for affirmations and repeat them to yourself every day.

- Laugh

Life is only one and laugh. There is an old saying: laughter is the best medicine, enjoy the only life you have with humor!

martes, 23 de agosto de 2022

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Who doesn't love kitchen decor and especially if it's something vintage. I really feel like a lady every time I want to buy something for my mom's kitchen. I've been looking for nice designs to remodel my mom's kitchen and I've been fascinated with the vintage style because it also reminds me of my grandparents. 

I will tell you a little story, I have a house that belongs to my grandparents that is located in the mountains and that house is a dream because it is a country house but everything is super country, the kitchen is wood stove, the seats are tree trunks like the table and beds. 

But well, today I bring you some ideas of farmhouse kitchens to inspire you and remodel your kitchen if you are looking for something similar. I hope you like these ideas because they are really nice.

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2022

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Today is a rainy day and it is perfect for me because I like the sound of the rain, it is very relaxing and I feel happy. You don't know that beautiful feeling when writing listening to the drops falling, it's just wonderful!

Today I was analyzing a lot my room, and I fell in the idea that I want a walking closet, I have never had one. That's why I've been looking for some ideas to get some inspiration and the truth is that I've been delighted. I just need an architect who can do it the way I want it. But the ideas I have found are great. 

But something that I really liked was that you can have an island in your closet, it's too cool. With this, you can have a luxury closet. So, I will show you more than 15 closet island ideas that vary in models and sizes.

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Who doesn't love interior decorating, well I love looking for ideas and dreaming about how I will decorate my house someday. I don't know about you, but I love all styles, for example, I love big houses with huge spaces but I also love small houses with all their minimalist spaces. 

So, this time I bring you decorating ideas for small dining rooms. I swear these ideas are so beautiful and you will fall in love with them. This type of decoration is especially for people who live alone or live with their partner. 

So I will give you some tips to have a spectacular dining room and no matter if you do not have much space, with these ideas your dining room will look more spacious and beautiful.

- Use a round table to make your dining room look more spacious.

- Regarding colors, white and ecru tones are perfect for furniture for a dining room with few meters.

- Tables with glass tops are a good option for small dining rooms because being a transparent material, they visually take up less space.

- Finally, natural wood furniture provides warmth and authenticity.