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Hello girls and guys, I am very excited because today is the beginning of something new for me, I have decided to create this blog that will be part of my life and if you want, it will also be part of your life. I had the idea of creating it a long time ago but I didn't dare, well, finally the time has come. 

First of all, I will tell you why I decided to call this blog "valbujo", because it is composed of three abbreviated words, val comes from Valeria and if my name is Valeria but you can call me Val and finally bujo which comes from Bullet Journal. So, in this blog you can find content for your bullet journal, I promise you that I will give you a very cool and original content. very cool and original content that will be very useful for you. I hope this is the beginning of something amazing and that you support me, I will be very grateful. 

As this is the first post, I am going to show you how to start a bullet journal, I will give you some examples that will be very easy and you will love to have a bullet journal, because at least for me it de-stresses me and becomes a hobby. You can start a bullet journal whenever you want, that's the amazing thing. Isn't it great? 

- Materials

This is the first step to start your bullet journal, you don't necessarily need to have the most expensive materials in the world. the most expensive materials in the world, because there are minimalist bullet journals that only use a black pen and a single color marker and that's it. black pen and a single color marker and that's it, but there are also other bullet journals that are very colorful and use everything. journals that are very colorful and use everything.

So you can choose what materials you decide to use. An example of this are washi tapes, markers, pens, stickers, colors, images, glitters, etc. It's up to you.

Obviously you must also buy your notebook to make your bullet journal, I recommend that you choose a I recommend that you choose one with thick paper so you don't stain the other pages.

- Choose the theme

As I just mentioned in the previous step, there are many types of bullet journal, you can choose the one you like the most. On pinterest there are a lot of nice ideas. For example, I have seen one that is more eco-friendly and uses craft paper and dried plants. That theme is very nice. But I've also seen another one that is 80s themed, and it's also very nice. It's hard to choose because there are so many themes. Isn't it great?

- Use keys

There are people who use keys in their bullet journal, these are like symbols that each one has a different meaning. has a different meaning. These are located on the first pages of the bullet journal, mostly after the title page. For example, a key might be a drawing of a moon that means that you have a moon which means that you have a plan for the evening or a night out that day.

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