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Hi, how was today? I'm still on vacation and watching one of my favorite series, I love these moments and I'm enjoying it because from next week the hard part begins and I have to work hard to pass this semester. That's why, I was encouraged to write you a very inspiring post. 

I don't know about you but I love decorating a lot, and I was looking for some ideas about decorating, but in this case it will be triangular shelving. This type of decoration is very easy and economical because you can do it yourself as a DIY. So who doesn't love to do diys. 

To make this triangular shelf you only need 3 wooden boards of the same size and length, plus screws or special wood glue. As you read you only need these materials which are very easy to get.

This type of shelf is a bit different from the regular rectangular type shelves and it also saves a lot of space since a triangle shape does not take up as much space as a square. Isn't that great? Plus it's out of the ordinary. To all the houses I have visited almost no one or rather no one has this type of triangular shelf. It is also perfect for placing smaller individual items, such as ornaments you get as a gift or a small flower pot.

This shelf can be left as the natural wood color which to me looks very nice and rustic. But if you want a much more elegant style, you can paint it in black and white, two very neutral colors that go with everything.

The tutorial can be found in many youtube videos, this time I will leave ideas for you to get inspired and I know you will, with these ideas your house will be much more beautiful. 

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