viernes, 24 de mayo de 2024



Hello friends, how have you been? I was absent for a few days because I've been planning new things but I'm back and with many ideas for you that I hope you like a lot. I tell you that I have some beautiful birds that have just had 2 beautiful babies, they are really the most beautiful birds I have ever seen and I adore them with all my heart.

All this week I have had a horrible stress and I have been looking for ways to de-stress myself, and guess what, I don't know why I didn't think of journaling if it is something I loved because if you don't know I love to do crafts.

So, I've been looking for lots of ideas to duplicate it or at least to inspire me and I've found some really nice ideas and all we need are colors and pens. I love it!

I will give you very good reasons to start journaling now:

- It encourages self-knowledge: this is because it makes us explore our feelings and thoughts.

- It improves our creativity: this is because when looking for ideas we don't always do it the same way, but we give it our personal touch. 

- It is economical because it does not spend much on materials, you can do it as you want.

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