sábado, 7 de enero de 2023



Hi guys drawing lovers, how are you? I am super tired because today I had a clinic and I took care of children, my God, what a stress, I feel tired, too tired. But well, I'm still in a good mood, so much so that I felt like drawing and I looked for some references to improve my drawings.

You don't know the references I found, I know you will love it because with this you will be able to improve your drawings. Well that's what today's post is about, I hope you like it a lot and I will also give you some tips so you can improve your drawings.

1. Get used to carry a notebook with a pencil. There will always be ideas to draw and we have to be ready.

2. Be consistent. My God, this tip is gold for better drawings.

3. Look for drawing references. Just go to this blog and you can find thousands of references.

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