lunes, 1 de agosto de 2022



Good afternoon, how are you? in my case, today is my day off from college and that's why I have some time to write to you because I want to give you lots of advice. Whenever I wake up motivated I write to you here and you don't know all the brainstorming I have in my head right now that for sure I would write you more than 10 post. 

But, today I bring you an incredible post that will be very, very useful and it is about how to be more productive and I will explain exactly a method or technique to achieve that goal. Obviously I will explain everything in detail. The method is "time blocking". 

What is time blocking?

It is an organizational technique that is based on dividing your day into blocks. That is, it's like making a school schedule but dividing school, hobbies, work, training, time with friends, etc.

How to do it?

You can do it in 2 ways. For example, you can use a google calendar or a printed organizer. There are many templates on pinterest.

1- Google calendar

- Write what will be your fixed blocks (activities with a fixed schedule like classes or work) and create your own color code.

- Enter other activities that you have to do but don't have a fixed schedule, add your own color.

- Now that you have an overview of what your days will be like, (with another color) you can add activities that you would like to do but are not mandatory.

2- Printed organizer

- You can print a template from pinterest. There are very nice templates.

- It is almost the same as the virtual one, you write your activities and divide it into colors.

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